The Next Step

After posting yesterday, I decided to think about the direction I wanted to take. What kind of goal did I want to set for myself.

I decided that 21 Day Fix, designed by Autumn Calabrese, was a good place to start. It targets my main issues: portion control (especially when it comes to carbs – they’re my fave), and consistent exercise. Based on what I was able to view on their website, it’s exactly what I’m looking for. It also helps that a close friend, Ally, has recently become a BeachBody coach, and has completed one round of the fix herself!

So I texted Ally. She’s a person I feel comfortable with, that I’ve never felt any sort of judgement from. She’s a kindred spirit through and through, and watching her on her journey has been truly inspiring to me. I felt safe coming to her with my insecurities and asked her for her help.

She responded with love and understanding as I knew she would. We’ve made plans to meet up this Saturday and talk things over, and ultimately to get things going!

Truly blessed to have such a warm and kind gal pal like Ally! Ready to rock and roll.

Ally and myself

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